About John

I'm John of JDHhandymanservices and growing up I learnt many tools of the trade from my father who was a carpenter and joiner, my grandfather who was also a carpenter and painter and decorator, my uncle who was a painter and decorator and older brother who is a carpenter. From an early age I started building and fixing things and taking things apart so I could put them back together. One of my passions is cycling and at 6 years old I reconditioned my own bike. When I was old enough I joined the family business and worked on house renovation projects. I then perused a career working with children and young people in adventure playgrounds, when not working directly with the children, I was building, fixing and maintaining play structures, fire pits, fish ponds, the internal of the buildings and whatever else need creating on the playgrounds. In my spare time I would be found fixing bikes, building things needed around my home and helping neighbours, friends and family with everything from cycle maintenance, building partition walls to making bespoke pieces of furniture one example is a four poster bed made from scaffolding poles. I really enjoy upcycling things to give them new life as well as finding creative solutions for unusual projects and if there is a way to fix something I will find it rather than throwing it out only to replace it. I simply take pleasure in fixing and creating and take pride in every job whether it is upcycling, hanging curtain rails, putting together flat pack furniture or redecorating a home.

Just a few examples of some of my work